Marketing: Utilizing Online Groups

In this world of so little time and so much to do, using your time wisely is the only way to go about things. As any writer knows, it’s a real challenge gaining new followers. Therefore, it’s also a challenge marketing your fantastic new book.

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However, here are a few tips we can offer to fast forward your marketing and grow your fan base utilizing online Groups:

    • VERY IMPORTANT TIP: Set aside some time each day to join social media groups and online forums relevant to your books marketing efforts.
    • Utilizing your groups, post content that potential fans can click on to link back to your blog, website or social media platform.
    • Write your posts during your down time and if possible, schedule them to go out at least once a week. Hootsuite makes scheduling posts a cinch for social media.
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  • Write content that is a direct sell for your book ONLY if it’s through promotion groups. Otherwise, stick to posting links to content that directs readers back to your blog or social media platform.
  • When posting to Facebook via a blog, be certain to share your post across all of the relevant groups you participate in. This will take time AND patience!

Remember this Saying:

‘Only 1% of us are lucky. The other 99% of us worked like hell for it’

Stay Salty!


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