Salty Gurl Books Goes Blog, Blog, BLOG!

We said we wouldn’t do it, but here we are, writing our very first blog post…AGAIN. We tried this before, failed abysmally and ran back to the safety of Facebook with our tails tucked between our legs to lick our wounds. But, a couple of years later after a bit of research (okay, a LOT of research) and fortitude of spirit, we decided to give it another go. With our new-found knowledge, and patience, we feel we’ll be a raring success!

Salty Gurl Books Blog will be a mishmash of info about our books (of course!), social media marketing and networking, anything to do with writing tips and guest posts by interesting characters.

Anyway, it’s late here in North Carolina and we’re pooped. So, goodnight and we hope to see you again.

Stay Salty!

salt shaker


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